Egyptian nuclear scientist fled to Israel: Temple Mount Belongs to Jews


Noha Hashad, the Egyptian nuclear physicist who fled to Israel and has remained, has said publicly that according to the Koran the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and there’s no doubt the Temple Mount also belongs to the Jews.

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The researcher fled Egypt to Israel in June 2011; this according to Al-Ahram. The newspaper claims that Mossad agents were involved in the shady ordeal.

According to Al-Ahram the researcher held the post of assistant head of the science and physics faculty at the Beni Suef University south of Cairo. She left Egypt under the pretext of receiving medical treatments in Jordan, and then entered Israel.

נוהא המדענית המצריה

Egyptian physicist Noha Hashad

Arutz Sheva reporter Hagai Hooverman was the first who reported her desertion. According to him after entering Israel the researcher contacted the right wing activist Professor Hillel Weiss, and even participated in a far right convention held in Nofim, a Samaria settlement. The convention was organized by Neemanei Erets, a right wing movement, in order to establish the “Jewish authority in Israel.” Hashad told her Israeli hosts that she wants to convert to Judaism. She speaks fluent Arabic and English, and even learned some Hebrew.

According to Aruts Sheva the Egyptian researcher told her Israeli colleagues that she was arrested and even beaten because of her pro-Jewish views.

In her speech at the Neemanei Erets convention she claimed that according to documents she found at the Cairo Al-Azhar University, the Koran clearly states that Jews hold eternal rights to the land of Israel. Noha Hashad added that according to the Koran the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and there are many verses backing this claim. According to her this is a clear fact, as clear as physics equations. She also said that there’s no doubt the Temple Mount belongs to the Jews.

When asked about her circumstances Hashad said that she didn’t escape from Egypt, but is still afraid to return to her homeland.

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