Erekat defends Hamas’ right to run in Palestinian elections

In interview on Army Radio, chief PLO negotiator says of Palestinian elections, “we use ballots not bullets…everyone has a right to run.”



“Hamas and Fatah have differences in opinion,” Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said Sunday morning, but stressed that “everyone has a right to run.”

Saeb Erekat

“We are a democracy” he told Army Radio, emphasizing that “whoever wins, wins.” This does not mean that Hamas would be “taking over” the West Bank, however, adding, “We don’t use bullets, we use ballots.”
When probed over whether Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is expected to run in the Palestinian presidential elections, Erekat said he has not announced a decision.

Turning to comments made by Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority share the same objectives, Erekat said that he was “sorry for this broken record in Israel.”

“They forget that even [the late PLO leader Yasser] Arafat recognized Israel within the 1967 lines,” he said, claiming that after he did so he was killed. Erekat expressed hope that Russian, French and Swiss investigators “will find out who killed Arafat.”

He also challenged Ya’alon and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to have the courage to stand up and say they accept the lines of 1967. “You don’t have a single Israeli minister in this cabinet” that will do so, he told Army Radio.

Erekat also slammed as “shameful,” events overnight in which Israeli security forces evacuated some 250 Palestinians activists from an outpost they erected in the E1 area near Jerusalem.

He refuted accusations that the Palestinians were trying to build a settlement, saying instead that they were trying to “protect the land of their state.”

“This situation is absolutely intolerable and I hold the Israeli government responsible,” he said.

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  1. Lewis Percher says:

    I think that for the first time in my life I just may agree with that cockroach scumbag “Erekat”…tricky call though…Assuming they won, would it be to our benefit to have the whole lot of them exposed for the genocidal animals they truly are, and ridding ourselves of clever “closet” blood enemies like Abbas and Erekat? Would that benefit outweigh the harm of losing the ability to play the two against each other?

    The difference between Hamas and Fatah is monumental:

    Whereas Hamas calls for the violent, bloody, destruction of Israel, Fatah takes the opposing view that Arabs and Jews should lay down their weapons, quit it with all the violence, sit down like civilized people, and come to a mutually acceptable agreement as to how Israel should be dismantled and cease to exist.

    I dunno…I kinda prefer the Hamas approach.

    It has one crucial advantage: It just can’t work.

    On the other hand…Fatah?

    Helsinki Accords…

    Camp David III…

    I dunno…

    I’d much prefer dealing with a bunch of caged animals than allow the world and indeed many Jews ourselves be charmed by a bunch polite, cuddly wolves in sheep’s clothing, now with the additional advantage of being able to point at those animals caged in Gaza and brag to the world: “THOSE” are the only bad guys. We REJECT everything they stand for. What THEY want is war. WE want peace…

    What’s your take, Phillip…’cause this is one’s a bit outta my league to be able to call from outside Israel and there lacking your far more intimate knowledge of the details…

    • Hamas & Fatah are seeking the same prize, just doing it differently. One, militarily, the other politically. One overt, one covert. Both are equally dangerous to Israel. Both say one thing in Arabic & another in English, both lie, both kill Jewish civilians gleefully, and hate Jews with a passion.

      I see no advantage in choosing one over the other, just because he says he wants to kill you, take your home and your land, just as they did a century ago, 2 centuries ago, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a millennia ago or 2.

      • Lewis Percher says:

        Of course they both want exactly the same thing. That’s what I was trying to say in my usual sarcastic way with the whole: “[Fatah wants to] come to a mutually acceptable agreement as to how Israel should be dismantled and cease to exist” thing.

        Only Arafat came within a micrometer of actually pulling it off!

        Or at least “Phase I: Pre-’67 borders”, get PLO back on track for Phase II: Reinstate Article 24 of original ’64 Charter that mysteriously vanished in ’67:

        Article 24: This Organization does NOT exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area…[Translation: The West Bank and Gaza don’t need to be “liberated” because they’re aren’t any Jews there yet. Only lands where there are Jews require “liberation”.]

        But Hamas? Sure they may want the same thing but their approach is so incredibly crude and diplomatically retarded and they’re leadership is so far gone out of touch with reality that it couldn’t work in a million years.

        Gaza’s turned into nothing more than a loony bin.

        Unfortunately the loonies there happen to have rockets that they like to fire into Israel every so often because everyone knows that firing rockets aimlessly hoping that they’ll manage to penetrate the most state of anti-missile defence system on the planet and by sheer luck actually land on some Jew once or twice a decade is by far the most brilliant military strategy ever conceived in the entire history of human warfare. (???)

        “Look around and find something or other to shoot in the general direction of where thine enemy might be whenever thou hath the chance and thou shalt surely surely triumph”. – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

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