EU Chief: Labeling Only Jewish Products from West Bank Not Meant to ‘Boycott’


Policy chief Frederica Mogherini says the EU decision to label (only jewish) Judea & Samaria products for export is imminent, but foreign ministers caution that the demand was not meant as a ‘boycott Israel’ decision.

By Orli Harari


The European Union will soon render its decision on whether to label goods produced by Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Speaking at the conclusion of a summit of European foreign ministers in Luxembourg, EU foreign policy chief Frederica Mogherini said a special committee would soon submit its conclusions on the issue.

Federica Mogherini – Reuters

“The work of the committee dealing with the issue is coming to a close – these are the last steps before we submit the conclusions,” she said.

Luxembroug’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said that in his opinion labeling Jewish-made goods produced across the Green Line was an important policy.

“We are not talking about an attempt to boycott Israel,” he cautioned, claiming the move was instead intended to “provide information to the consumer to choose for himself if he is interested in buying produce from the settlements.”


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