Evicted Jewish New Yorker sues landlord over Holocaust Mezuzah

Religious Jew returns home from a vacation to find his ‘priceless, irreplaceable’ Mezuzah missing, and eviction notice instead.


An Orthodox Jewish man from suburban New York City sued his landlord for demanding that he remove the mezuzah from his apartment’s doorpost.

Mezuzah - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Mezuzah – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Arye Sachs of North Babylon on Long Island filed a lawsuit this week in Brooklyn federal court, the New York Post reported.

In the lawsuit, Sachs said his landlord ordered him to remove the mezuzah several times and then evicted him, saying “This is a Christian residence.” The mezuzah was missing after he returned home from a trip last month, according to the Post.

The lawsuit calls the mezuzah, a family heirloom that came from his Holocaust-survivor grandfather, a “priceless, irreplaceable protector.”

Sachs in the lawsuit credits the mezuzah with his successful recovery from three strokes and an amicable divorce.


View original JTA publication at: http://www.jta.org/2013/07/17/news-opinion/united-states/new-yorker-told-to-remove-mezuzah-sues-landlord


  1. Lynne Marton says:

    I am speechless – no – not quite. This is so wrong on all counts. I really hope Mr. Sachs can get his mezuzah back!!! I hope also that lawsuit shows this landlord for who and what he really is!

  2. Elefant-Yanni says:

    We rent a apartment in Montreal for our daughter at “La Cité” and the mezuzah of her door was stolen a few times. We have reason to believe the agents of the company which manages the place did it, because we also hear some pretty nasty antisemitic remarks.

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