Exclusive Arutz-7 Photos: This is How IEC Workers Power Up Gaza Terrorists & Stays Safe

Photographs show Israel Electric Company electrician protected behind a huge metal wall hoisted by a crane as he repairs Gaza power cable.

By Gil Ronen


The photographs below were taken by an anonymous Arutz Sheva reader who witnessed a strange scene on the Gaza perimeter recently. They show an Israel Electric Company (IEC) employee hoisted on a crane in order to fix a malfunction that denied electricity to Gaza City.

The operation, which of course is carried out by Israel for the benefit of Gazans, has to be carried out with military protection, because Gaza terrorists regularly target Israelis on the perimeter fence, including those they know are trying to assist them by fixing infrastructure or letting in goods. Numerous Israelis have been killed and wounded in precisely this way since 2000.

Soldiers therefore fan out around the electrical pole where the fixing needs to be carried out. The IEC workers are briefed and they put on helmets and flak jackets. To top it all off, a large metal wall is hoisted into the air by a crane in order to protect the IEC worker as he supplies power to Gazans, including the very people who will shoot him dead if they get a clean shot.

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