First his wife, now Abbas’ brother-in-law checks into Israeli hospital for surgery


While Mahmoud Abbas was spreading odious lies about Israel, his brother-in-law underwent life-saving heart surgery at Assuta, a private Tel Aviv hospital…the same one his wife checked into last June.

By Shahar Chai


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s brother-in-law has undergone life-saving heart surgery in a private Tel Aviv hospital, it emerged Thursday, in the middle of a wave of terror and as Abbas and Netanyahu trade barbs and blame.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. – Photo: AFP

On Thursday evening, Netanyahu tweeted from his official Twitter account: 

“I think the time has come for the international community to say clearly to PA President Mahmoud Abbas: Stop spreading lies about Israel.”

About a week ago, Abbas claimed that Israel “set out to kill” a 13-year-old Palestinian boy. In fact, however, the boy had taken part in a stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze’ev and was not killed – he was injured and taken to hospital for treatment. Netanyahu held a special press conference to set the record straight.

Just two days ago, Netanyahu claimed that “Mahmoud Abbas has joined Hamas and ISIS” and added that the Palestinian President “honors each drop of blood that is shed in Jerusalem.” 

In June last year, Ynet revealed that Abbas’ wife had undergone surgery at Assuta Hospital, the same private institution at which his brother-in-law has just received surgery. 

Abbas’ wife stayed in the orthopedic surgery ward on the seventh floor of the hospital, which is the newest in Israel. She was hospitalized in a room on her own with guards stationed outside for 24 hours. 

Her identity was kept secret in the hospital. Other medical staff in the department were not aware of who was staying in the room and received evasive answers from the security guard. 

About a year ago, the daughter of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas in Gaza, received emergency medical care at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital after suffering complications during a routine procedure. 

The girl, in her 20s, was hospitalized for humanitarian reasons and had entered Israel via Erez Crossing on the northern Gaza border. 

Haniyeh’s sister also received emergency medical treatment in Israel, about three years ago, as did his granddaughter six months ago. Both were also treated for humanitarian reasons.


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