Gallup Poll: Younger Americans unsupportive in backing Israel in Gaza war

65% of Republicans calls Israel’s actions justified, 36% of Independents saying they were justified, but only 31% of Democrats agreeing.



WASHINGTON — A Gallup poll shows that support among Americans for Israel during the Gaza Strip conflict is divided, and is low among younger Americans.

IDF tanks in Gaza – Photo: JTA

The poll posted on the pollster’s website Thursday showed a statistical dead heat between those who believe Israel’s actions against Hamas are justified, 42%, and those who believe they are unjustified, 39%The difference was within the poll’s margin of error of four percentage points.

Reactions to Hamas were lopsided, with 70% calling the group’s actions unjustified and just 11% describing them as justified.

Older Americans were much likelier to say Israel’s actions were justified: 55% of those over 65; 53% of those between 50-64; 36% of those 30-49 and just 25% of those 18-29.

There were other dramatic differences in how subgroups measured support for Israel, with 65% of Republicans calling Israel’s actions justified and just 31% of Democrats and 36% of Independents saying they were justified; 50% of whites said Israel was justified, while just 25% of non-whites agreed with that characterization; 51% of men agreed and 33% of women.

The poll was based on 1,018 phone interviews conducted from July 22-23.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8 after an intensification of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. More than 1000 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed since then, as have 36 Israelis, including 42 troops.