Gaza Media Reports: Hamas test-fires improved long-range rockets

Palestinian sources report that Hamas’ military wing recently conducted test launches of 2 rockets made in Gaza with Iranian know-how, with range 10′s of kilometers

Palestinians say IDF shoots & kills 1 Palestinian in West Bank and 1 in Gaza.

By Daniel Siryoti and Lilach Shoval



Operation Pillar of Defense ended only two months ago, but Hamas is already preparing for the next clash with Israel. Palestinian media sources have reported that the military wing of the Gaza-based organization recently test fired improved long-range missiles.

Hamas fires a rocket from Gaza at southern Israeli communities during Operation Pillar of Defense in November. – Photo: KOKO

According to the reports, based on information from senior sources in Hamas’ military wing, the tests included the launching of two rockets with a range of dozens of kilometers. The rockets were launched toward the Mediterranean Sea off the Gazan coast from a Hamas training base located in what used to be Gush Katif (the pre-Disengagement Jewish enclave).

Hamas’ rocket unit expressed satisfaction with the results of the test launches. The improved rockets were reportedly manufactured and assembled in the Gaza Strip using Iranian know-how.

Meanwhile, Gaza media sources reported on Friday that IDF forces shot and killed a young Palestinian near the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. The victim, Anwar Mamlouk, 22, was demonstrating near the security fence alongside dozens of other Palestinians who claimed the IDF was preventing them from working their land.

The Palestinian news agency Ma’an quoted an IDF spokesman as saying that “dozens of Palestinians gathered by the border fence in northern Gaza, in an area that is forbidden. IDF forces in the area tried to disperse them several times, and when [the demonstrators] failed to leave, they fired at the foot of one of the suspects who was trying to damage the fence.”

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to damage the security fence and to harm the sovereignty of the state of Israel,” he added.

On Saturday, Palestinian news sources reported that a Palestinian who tried to infiltrate Israel from southern Hebron was shot and killed by IDF forces.

The IDF said, “a preliminary investigation into the incident found that during an attempt to breach the security fence in the area of the Meitar crossing, a Palestinian was shot in the lower part of his body. The circumstances of the incident are still under investigation.”

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