Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket at Israel, No One Hurt

Terrorist’s Rocket exploded in an open area in Shaar Hanegev regional council. The incident was without casualties or reported damage.

By Gil Ronen



Terrorists fired a rocket Tuesday morning from Hamas-controlled Gaza into southern Israel, as “peace talks” between the Palestinian Authority and Israel began in Washington.

Once AgainThe rocket exploded in an empty area within the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No one was hurt and no damage was reported.

Similar attacks took place July 21 and July 18.

Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in the 2005 Diengagement. The pullout failed to bring peace, and southern Israel has been subjected to missile fire ever since.

Two Israeli counterterrorism operations – “Cast Lead” in 2008/9, and “Pillar of Cloud” last November – succeeded in stemming the tide of attacks, but sporadic rocket fire has been aimed at Jewish towns and villages bordering Gaza.

In spite of the lack of physical injuries in attacks such as this one, the impact of more than a decade of rocket-fire on these embattled Israeli communities is severe.

Research has shown that pregnant women are at a higher risk of miscarriage in areas that are under rocket threat, and that children are at higher risk for juvenile diabetes. Many suffer from the psychological and emotional effects of trauma, including insomnia, anxiety and depression.


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