Germany’s Bild newspaper publishes bios & photos of the 64 fallen IDF soldiers


Germany’s Bild newspaper publishes, “Israel fighting Hamas terror: Faces of the fallen” with the pictures, names & a brief biography of the 64 Israeli soldiers killed during ‘Operation Protective Edge’.
• They are “64 sons, friends, husbands, who will never return to their families,” the article wrote.

By Eli Leon


Germany’s popular Bild newspaper on Tuesday published the photographs of the 64 Israel Defense Forces soldiers who were killed during Operation Protective Edge alongside an article titled “Israel fighting Hamas terror: Faces of the fallen.”

The article in Germany’s Bild newspaper on the 64 IDF soldiers who fell in Operation Protective Edge

The article included the names and brief biographies of the soldiers as well as an interview with Omer Gottlieb, the older brother of fallen soldier Sgt. Matan Gottlieb.

Gottlieb told the newspaper his brother had enjoyed mountain climbing and had planned to travel the world.

“Do you know many older brothers who look up to their younger brothers?” he asked.

The article was written by reporter Anne-Christine Merholz, who described the soldiers as “64 sons, friends, husbands, who will never return to their families. They fell fighting Hamas in Gaza on behalf of their homeland.”


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