Hamas accuses Israel of poisoning Palestinians patients with gas

Hamas health minister reports to ICRC & WHO that Israel provided carbon monoxide instead of nitrous gas used for anesthesia that almost killed 4 hospital patients.




Hamas Health Minister Mofeed al-Mokhalalati accused Israel of poisoning Palestinians patients in Gaza by providing the hospitals in the Strip carbon monoxide gas posing as nitrous gas, the Middle East Monitor reported on Friday.

Doctors in Gaza, Nasser Hospital - Photo Suhaib Salem, Reuters

Doctors in Gaza, Nasser Hospital – Photo: Suhaib Salem, Reuters

Four Palestinian patients were reportedly poisoned by the carbon monoxide gas and suffered cardiac arrest, in what Mokjalalati described as an “unprecedented case which almost killed several patients at the hospital’s main operation room,” according to Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

Israel, Mokhalalati said, is the sole source of nitrous gas brought to the Gaza hospitals, that is used in anesthesia.

“In Gaza, we are not allowed to produce nitrous dioxide or import it except via Israel, so we are investigating how the anesthetic gas was replaced with carbon monoxide,” Ma’an quoted him as saying.

Mokhalalati formed an inquiry committee of experts to investigate how the carbon monoxide came to be in Gaza hospitals, and postponed all surgical operations until further noticed, the Middle East Monitor reported.

“We have stopped all surgical operations until we are able to check all medical tools and equipment imported through Israel,” he said.

His ministry also notified the Red Cross and the World Health Organization about the incident, Ma’an reported.


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