Hamas: Gaza truce as of Saturday night

Ceasefire between Gaza terror groups, Israel achieved via Egyptian mediation, senior Hamas man says; more than 20 rockets hit Israel Saturday, IDF hits terror cell

by Elior Levy


A ceasefire between Gaza Strip factions and Israel will go into effect Saturday night following Egyptian mediation efforts, senior Hamas man Ayman Taha said in an interview with a Palestinian televisions station Saturday evening.

Gaza rockets explode in Israel Photo: Eliad Levy

Gaza rockets explode in Israel - Photo: Eliad Levy

Earlier Saturday, Israeli defense officials said that quiet in Gaza will be met with quiet, but denied that ceasefire negotiations were underway or that a truce deal was achieved.

“If the last rounds were not enough to deliver the message … we are ready to crush the enemy and to curb its arrogance and to respond to aggression in a strong way,” the group military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, said in a statement released Saturday afternoon.

Hamas’ statements followed several days of fighting in the south, with Israeli communities sustaining dozens of rockets fired by Gaza terrorists. Meanwhile, the IDF launched several strikes on terror targets in the Strip, killing at least 13 Palestinians in recent days.

Also on Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a situation assessment with military and defense officials on the escalating attacks on southern Israel, instructing them to continue operating intensively to keep residents of southern Israel safe.


AP and Attila Somfalvi contributed to the story.
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