Hamas militant found with pocket guidelines for exploiting civilians


A Hamas instruction manual found on body of terrorists, orders fighters to hide behind civilians, proving Hamas exploited the IDF’s attempts to minimize civilian casualties, & even admit as such: ‘IDF limits use of ammunition to avoid harming civilians.’

By Yuval Karni, Benjamin Tobias


A notepad found by IDF soldiers during fighting in Gaza details instructions for terrorists to operate from within civilian population centers in Gaza in a bid to force the IDF to harm innocent civilians.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni presented on Thursday a document in Arabic which explicitly instructs terrorists to deliberately fire at the Israeli army from within places where civilians are present, and thus harm its image.

Livni met with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross and presented him with the guidelines, found in the pocket of a terrorist in Saja’iyya.

 The page includes clear-cut instructions on how on the proper conduct during battle in order to cause maximum damage to Israel’s public image, while using innocent civilians as human shields.

Among the recommendations included in the manual, which admits that “the IDF limits the use of ammunition to avoid harming the civilian population,” Hamas officials wrote: “The IDF limits the use of fire against civilian population centers – we recommend to attack from there; shooting from within homes of civilians is in Hamas’ interest because it intensifies the hatred against the Israeli army.”

Meanwhile, the complex tunnel system operated by Hamas during the fighting has also been exposed: London’s Times newspaper interviewed a commander of Hamas’ military wing named Abu Laith, who told how Hamas activists spent entire days underground.

He said that Hamas runs a command and control operation that includes 30,000 combatants, and that the majority of its cells work separately. Abu Laith further added that during the fighting, one such cell was trapped underground in Saja’iyya for ten days without food or drink after their tunnel collapsed on both sides.


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