Hamas Preacher: Al Aqsa Can’t Remain under Apes, Pigs

‘Palestinian’ incitement against Jews; Hamas preacher declares Al Aqsa cannot remain under the control of “asses carrying books.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) exposed another disconcerting video of ‘Palestinian’ incitement against the Jewish people. The video relays a Hamas preacher from Khan Yunis, Gaza, which aired on Al Aqsa TV on February 24, declaring that the Al Aqsa mosque cannot remain under the control of “apes and pigs.”

“We say load and clear: The struggle for Palestine is not a political struggle. It is a purely ideological struggle. It is a clear religious struggle between Islam and Zionism. It is a struggle between Truth and Falsehood, between Islam and heresy, between light and darkness, between good and evil,” the preacher stated.

“We cannot possible accept (Al Aqsa) remaining under the control of those whom Allah described as a bunch of apes and pigs, the scholars of whom Allah described as asses carrying books, or as a dog that pants when you beat it and pants when you don’t.”

“After all these description of the base position that befits them — these contemptible people cannot lord over the great people, these slaves cannot lord over the masters. The masters today are all the Muslims,” he continued.

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By Rachel Hirshfeld