Hamas predicts ‘unity gov’t’ within 3 months

In wake of talks currently held in Cairo, Hamas Dep. Politburo head Mousa Abu Marzook, reports Palestinian reconciliation achieved and unity gov’t to be formed by July.


A reconciliation is in sight between the divided factions governing the Palestinians, as Hamas announced it has reached a deal with rival Fatah regarding the formation of a new unity government within three months.

אבו מאזן וחאלד משעל בקהיר (ארכיון) (צילום: EPA)

Mashal & Abbas in Cairo – Archive: EPA

Hamas’s deputy politburo chief, Musa Abu Marzook, spoke with the Palestinian news agency Ma’an and claimed that representatives from both sides have decided to go forward with the deal in wake of the talks held in Cairo.

Abu Marzook described the talks as “positive” and clamed the two Palestinian factions succeeded in finalizing the reconciliation agreement between them, as well as agreeing on its implementation until July.

In January, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashal in Cairo in an attempt to breath new life into reconciliation talks between the their respective organizations.

At the time, Abbas’s spokesman, Nabil Abu Rodina, said that the Palestinian president held a long, “positive” meeting with Mashal. According to him, the two then agreed to reconvene and continue discussing the issue of reconciliation.

However, the factions have failed at their previous attempts at reconciliation, the most recent of which was an agreement signed in May 2011 in Cairo which was supposed to unify the Palestinian leadership of the West Bank and Gaza.

Despite the fact that the two agreed on forming an interim government, a disagreement broke out regarding its members, leading the attempt to eventually fail.

At the time, the dispute was caused by the fact that Hamas rejected Abbas’s proposal that the prime minister at that period, Salam Fayad, would also head the temporary government.

In the end, Abbas submitted to Hamas’s demands, and agreed to lead the government himself.

According to the agreement, the temporary government would consist of independent technocrats. It would be charged with creating the infrastructure for democratic elections for both the presidency and the legislature which have currently been postponed for procedural reasons.

According to reports in Palestinian media, the talks also focused on social reconciliation and a reorganization of the security apparatus.


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