Hamas: Raise Your Children to Die for Allah


Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal urges Palestinian fathers in Gaza and around the world to continue raising their children with a desire to die in service to Allah.

 By Israel Today Staff

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal on Saturday reaffirmed that the organization he heads and many allied Palestinian groups live for nothing more than to kill Israeli Jews and “liberate” the Holy Land from their presence.

Hamas: We Live for Death – Photo source: Israel Today

Speaking from Qatar, where he has been holed up due to Syria’s ongoing civil war (Hamas was previously headquartered in Damascus), Meshaal urged Palestinian fathers to continue instilling a desire for death in their children from the youngest ages.

“Jihad in the path of Allah is the pinnacle of our aspirations…it is our life,” said the Hamas leader during a ceremony honoring Palestinians killed while carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli men, women and children.

Meshaal said that when a Palestinian joins a terror groups such as Hamas, “we are very happy”; when that same Palestinian carries out a terrorist attacks, “we are overjoyed”; and, when that Palestinian is killed in the process of murdering Israelis, “we praise Allah.”

Meshaal went on to vow that a new wave of terrorist violence will soon overwhelm Israel, as such violence is the only viable way to achieve the Palestinians’ nationalistic goals.


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