Hezbollah airs Clip showing 2006 kidnapping of IDF reservists

Video released shows Hezbollah terrorists crossing into Israel, firing at military vehicle, but Regev, Goldwasser not shown

Roi Kais

Six years after the incident which led to the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah released on Friday a video it claims documents the abduction of IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Ehud Goldwasser Photo: Reuters

Ehud Goldwasser Photo: Reuters

Eldad Regev Reproduction photo: Hagai Aharon

Eldad Regev Reproduction photo: Hagai Aharon

The video, which was broadcast on the Al Mayadeen satellite network, shows a Hezbollah cell crossing the border into Israel and opening fire on an IDF Hummer from several dozen meters away. After identifying a hit, the terrorists approach the vehicle. At this point the frame freezes.

Goldwasser and Regev cannot be seen in the clip, making it hard to determine if the video is authentic.

In the video, Al Mayadeen owner Resan bin Jado is heard saying that Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated in 2008, personally selected the kidnapping site, as well as the escape route.

Jado says that during the kidnapping Mughniyeh was in Aita al-Shaab and helped secure the Hezbollah terrorists as they withdrew back into Lebanon.


Hezbollah terrorists approach IDF vehicle

Regev and Goldwasser’s bodies were returned to Israel in July 2008, two years after the kidnapping, as part of a deal with Hezbollah – under German mediation.

An examination of the reservists’ bodies determined that the two reservists were apparently killed during the ambush.

In exchange for the bodies, Israel released Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar and four other Hezbollah men captured by Israel during the 2006 war. Israel also handed over the remains of 199 Lebanese and Palestinian terrorists.

Shlomo Goldwasser on Hezbollah clip: Nasrallah in bunker

Shlomo Goldwasser, Ehud’s father, told Ynet that the video allegedly showing the kidnapping was published at this time because the terror group is in a difficult situation.

“(Hezbollah leader Hassan) Nasrallah is a big hero, but we mustn’t forget that the incident did not pass quietly; it caused major damage and destruction to his people,” he said.

“What do we see in the video? Terrorists acting as they do everywhere else in the world – shooting at civilians and soldiers. But people forget that immediately after the kidnapping (then-Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert went to war, and Nasrallah has been buried in his hole ever since.”


Video allegedly showing 2006 kidnapping on border


Ahiya Raved contributed to the report.
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