Hezbollah has ‘locked-on’ to Israeli jets over Lebanon using Russian radar


The Lebanese militant group’s newest threat against Israel is shooting down IAF fighter jets using sophisticated radar acquired from Russia in Syria.

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Amid ongoing tension on Israel’s northern borders, a new threat has emerged for Israeli fighter pilots conducting spying missions in Lebanon, Walla reports.

Hezbollah fighters during a rally in Lebanon – Photo: Twitter

Using radar technology it has acquired since Russia’s entry into the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah has started using sophisticated radars to “lock on” to Israeli spy jets on reconnaissance flights over its northern neighbor.

The new technology can identify all Israeli fighter jets, according to sources within Israel’s security establishment. By locking on to the jets as targets, Walla says, Hezbollah can then fire missiles at them.

Nonetheless, the sophistication of Israel’s fighter fleet means they are equipped to deal with such threats, which enables them to detect and follow radars that threaten to lock onto them ahead of launching missiles.

In such an event, pilots can change their plane’s route, especially when they are simply on an intelligence-gathering mission.

Israeli security officials believe Hezbollah has acquired the technology through its ties with Russia, forged as a result of their mutual fight against Islamic State in Syria, Walla reported.

An Israeli F-15 I fighter jet takes off during an air show at the graduation ceremony of Israeli air force pilots at the Hatzerim base in the Negev desert, on June 27, 2013 – Jack Guez AFP/File

“The connection between Hezbollah, Russia and Syria have greatly changed the rules of the game in the region,” a security official was quoted as saying in Walla.

“Hezbollah is indicating to Israel that it is ready for the next stage.”

During the last all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006, the Shi’ite militant group hit just one Israeli fighter jet using an anti-tank missile, but while the aircraft was grounded. In the wake of the war, Hezbollah began acquiring advanced anti-aircraft weapons from Iran and Syria, Walla says.

The Israel Air Force has on several occasions attacked weapons convoys making their way from Syria to Lebanon over the last few years, according to foreign media reports.

In January, The Daily Beast reported that the Russians are supplying Hezbollah with sophisticated weaponry, including precision ground-to-ground missiles,
long-range tactical missiles, laser guided rockets, and anti-tank weapons.

The Hezbollah militants who told The Daily Beast about the arms transfers said that the group, the Assad regime and Iran have a “relationship of complete coordination” and that Hezbollah is receiving the arms “with no strings attached.”

“We are strategic allies in the Middle East right now—the Russians are our allies and give us weapons,” one of the Hezbollah officers in charge of five units in Syria told The Daily Beast.


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  1. Normanx says:

    Testing enemy radar to determine what CM’s to use when the time comes. I believe Harop can do the job.

    • Agreed. But that’s usually a weapon kept available in the vicinity of a target who’s position is not yet detected, but will become available for a short window of time in the very near future. The IDF has numerous choices in its bag of countermeasures. I’ll leave the choosing to the generals.
      BTW IAI’s Harop is a cool way to respond.

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