Hezbollah showcases Israeli flares & weapons found in al-Qusair

Hezbollah TV shows alleged IDF weapons found in town recently recaptured by Regime’s forces.


IDF: They’re ‘left-overs’ from the Israeli 2000 pullout from Lebanon

By Roi Kais


The Hezbollah affiliated Al Manar TV channel reported that weapons bearing Hebrew inscriptions have been found in the Syrian town of al-Qusair, recently retaken by Bashar Assad‘s forces and Hezbollah fighters.

Assad's forces in war-toen al-Qusair - Photo Reuters

Assad’s forces in war-toen al-Qusair – Photo: Reuters

The channel’s reporter showed the various weapons, including a 120mm flare.

In the broadcast, the reporter explained that “Israeli side-arms and heavy weapons” were found in the town, including “Uzis, found more than once, Israeli communications devices and heavy rockets.”

The reporter is shown picking up a bomb shell, on which the inscriptions “120mm,” “flare” and “mark 3” in Hebrew are seen.

“Many bombs of this type and make have been found,” he adds.

The IDF confirmed that the images show an IDF 120mm shell, used as a flare only, meaning it is not volatile and cannot hurt people or property.

In addition, the images do not exhibit any elements which could testify as to when and where they were taken.

The Al-Manar report:

An IDF official claimed this is “a desperate ploy to divert interest from Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria.

“The ammunition probably dates back to the Lebanon pullout (2000), this is an unsuccessful and fictitious ploy.”

Last week rebels have managed to take control over al-Qusair, on Syria’s west close to Lebanon, and the Assad’s troops launched a series of attacks in attempts to retake it.

On Wednesday, combined Syrian and Hezbollah troops succeeded in driving out the opposition forces, and according to the Lebanese a-Nashra news website, managed on Friday to retake the rebels’ last stronghold in one the town’s suburbs.

The Al-Manar reporter also showed a gas mask, allegedly of an Israeli make, which he said could have been used by rebels against gas attacks.

“It was found in one of the cars,” he said, “meaning this is a lot bigger than what can be described and talked about. This is an RPG. This weapons can be easily found. Any armed group can get it, anywhere. But even these rockets are inscribed in Hebrew.”

Earlier on Friday, the UN Security Council issued a statement urging Assad’s government to allow access to humanitarian and UN groups to civilians in al-Qusair to supply them with food and medical aid.

The Security Council also expressed their “grave concern about the humanitarian impact of the recent heavy fighting in al-Qusair,” and urged both sides “to do their utmost to protect civilians and avoid civilian casualties, recalling the primary responsibility of the Syrian government in this regard.”


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