Hospital in Berlin suspends circumcisions after recent court ban.

Is the second exodus for Jews out of Germany coming? Seems like Jews won’t be able to practice their religion in Germany anymore after a recent court ruling banning circumcision for less than 18 year olds.

By Unger


Jewish ritual circumcision.

Jewish ritual circumcision.

The Jewish Hospital of Berlin has decided to suspend all circumcisions of children for religious grounds following the ruling by a German court, a hospital spokesman said Friday.

“We are suspending circumcisions until the legal situation is clarified,” said Gerhard Nerlich, a hospital spokesman, citing the head of internal medicine Kristof Graf.
The Jewish hospital in Berlin (JKB) performs 300 circumcisions a year, including 100 for religious reasons and the rest for medical reasons.

“We performed circumcisions on a regular basis until this ruling and we no longer have the legal freedom to,” Nerlich said, adding that two operations scheduled to take place had already been canceled.

“The surgeon has contacted the families explaining the reasons why this cannot be done,” said Nerlich.

Nerlich highlighted the parents’ dilemma of Jews and Muslims who want to circumcise their son.

“Where will they go now? This is a matter that should be cleared up quickly,” he said.

Earlier, German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, had distanced itself from the ruling, stressing that “religious traditions are protected in Germany.”


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