IDF artillery destroy Hezbollah structures after border explosion injures 2 Israeli soldiers


Second blast occurred on border about 30 minutes after 1st incident, but no injuries in 2nd explosion. Hezbollah took responsibility for attack.



Two IDF soldiers were lightly injured when a Hezbollah bomb went off in their vicinity in the Har Dov region on Tuesday, the IDF Spokesman’s Unit said.

Injured IDF soldier being air-lifted to hospital - Photo Screenshot Reuters

Injured IDF soldier being air-lifted to hospital – Photo: Screenshot Reuters

The IDF said it shelled two Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon in response to the border bombing. Some 30 minutes after the incident a second explosion occurred on the border. There were no injuries or damage in the second blast.

The soldiers received initial emergency medical treatment on the spot, before being evacuated away from the Lebanese border to hospital for further treatment.


“The IDF sees this incident as a gross and violent violation of Israeli sovereignty, and sees the Lebanese government and Hezbollah as responsible for any attempt to harm Israeli soldiers or civilians,” the military said in a statement. “The IDF reserves the right to act in any way, and at any time, to defend the citizens of the state of Israel.”

Hezbollah later claimed responsibility for the blast.

Lebanese media reported heavy Israeli artillery shelling targeting the areas near Kfar Shuba and the Sheba Farms in Lebanon. The reports also stated that Israeli drones were seen flying over the site of the explosions.

An injured Israeli soldier is evacuated to a hospital in the northern city of Haifa October 7, 2014. A blast on Lebanon's border with Israel wounded two Israeli soldiers on Tuesday and the Israeli army responded with shelling across the frontier, a military spokeswoman and a security source said. REUTERS-Baz Ratner

The injured Israeli soldier arrives at Rambam hospital in the northern coastal city of Haifa, October 7, 2014. – REUTERS-Baz Ratner

The incident came after IDF soldiers opened fire on a cell trying to infiltrate Israel from Lebanon on Sunday.

An IDF unit dealing with operational security identified the men crossing the border, heading into Israel.

The soldiers opened fire with small arms, apparently hitting one of the infiltrators.

“The cell fled back into Lebanese territory,” the army said.

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