IDF ‘pit’ project halted over missile fears

Plans for construction of new underground command headquarters, known as ‘the pit,’ have been halted due to concerns it would collapse if hit by missile

Last weekend Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah threatened once again to attack specific targets in Tel Aviv. One of the most sensitive targets is the IDF command headquarters at the Kirya base, especially the underground command center, also known as “the pit.”

Kirya base: The pit Photo: Dana Koppel

Kirya base, The pit - Photo: Dana Koppel

Yet plans for the construction of the new command center, for which tens of millions of shekels have already been invested, have been halted due to concerns it would collapse if hit by a missile, Yedioth Ahronoth revealed on Sunday.

Reporter Yossi Yehoshua wrote that the new command center was supposed to be much larger than the old one in the Kirya base. Now, the IDF decided to halt construction work in light of a resolved professional opinion offered by a civilian company according to which the “pit” would not withstand a major and accurate missile barrage.

So far the IDF has invested tens of millions of shekels in the construction of the facility and a major additional sum was set to be invested in the future. Yet now, the project has been brought to a complete stop.

Moreover, the Yedioth Ahronoth report stated that Deputy IDF chief of Staff Yair Nave was supposed to present the findings before the Defense Ministry director general in order to attempt to find a solution. Senior ministry officials said that this was a case of severe negligence. Meanwhile, they are seeking a second opinion.

The IDF Spokesman said in response: “Naturally we can’t give any details with regards to this or any other operational preparation.”


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The full story was published on Sunday in Yedioth Ahronoth