IDF Positions Iron Dome to Protect Sharon Burial from Gaza Rockets

Ironically, the tight security for Ariel Sharon’s Negev funeral demonstrates the lack of peace the Disengagement produced.

By David Lev


Security for the funeral of Ariel Sharon Monday is among the tightest for any funeral in Israel’s history. Hundreds of soldiers and police will be on hand, and helicopters, light planes, and drones will fly above the funeral procession as it works its way south from Jerusalem to Sharon’s Negev ranch. The Iron Dome system will also be on alert, in case Gaza Arab terrorists decide to fire rockets at the Negev as Sharon is being buried.

The unprecedented security, said MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) clearly shows, he said just how much of a mistake the 2005 Disengagement was. “The drones, the Iron Dome, the planes, the soldiers – all the security – would not be necessary if Israel was still in control of Gaza, instead of Hamas.”

MK Moti Yogev

MK Moti Yogev – Photo: Yoni Kempinski

Among those guarding the funeral will be 800 police, soldiers, and border patrol officers. The funeral will take place in an area of the Negev where Hamas rockets are able to reach, and have struck in the past. Israeli officials expressed concern Sunday night that Hamas terrorists would “salute” Sharon with rocket attacks on the area.

“Sharon’s good name will be remembered through the building and boost he gave to settlement throughout the Land of Israel,” said Yogev, despite the damage the Disengagement did. “We must immediately establish settlements in the Galilee in his memory.”


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