IDF Reports: No Humanitarian Aid on Estelle Ship

The IDF has confirmed that the boat which sought to break Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza had no humanitarian aid on board.

By Elad Benari


The IDF has confirmed that there was no humanitarian aid whatsoever on the Estelle, the boat which sought to break Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza.

The Estelle

The Estelle – IDF Spokesman

Earlier on Saturday, Israeli troops boarded the boat, which was carrying 17 passengers, among them five parliamentarians from Europe and a former Canadian lawmaker. The IDF said the boarding was carried out only after “numerous calls to the passengers onboard” which went unanswered.

After the IDF takeover of the boat, which concluded peacefully, it was taken to the Ashdod airport, where it was inspected by Israeli officials and found to be carrying no humanitarian aid meant for Gazans, as its passengers had claimed.

A Defense Ministry official quoted by Channel 2 News on Saturday night called the participants of the latest Gaza flotilla “provocateurs motivated by hatred of Israel” and said that “their goal is not to provide humanitarian aid, but to discredit the country.” The official clarified that “all kinds of products and goods, except for weapons and other materials that may be used to harm Israeli citizens, are permitted to enter Gaza.”

The IDF also responded to the claim made by the leftist activists on board the Estelle that the Israeli blockade of Gaza violates international law by saying, “This policy was approved in a UN report after the Mavi Marmara incident, and it includes Israel’s right to act at sea to prevent the smuggling of weapons to terrorist organizations, as has already happened in the past.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised the IDF on Saturday for its interception of the Estelle and said, “Even the people who were on the ship know that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Their entire objective was to create a provocation and blacken Israel’s name.”

He added, “If human rights were really important to these activists, they would sail to Syria. We will continue to take strong and determined action to defend our borders.”


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  1. Why were those on board not arrested for malicious mischief?
    Why were those on board not arrested for for entry into closed military area? etc.

    Why was the Captain not arrested for ignoring a lawfully restricted area? Why was the ship not impounded until repayment for interception & costs not fully reimbursed?

    Why allow these hooligans to impugn Israel’s laws and sovereignty?
    Why do we continue to encourage them????

  2. Donna says:

    I would like to have seen their smug faces when they were boarded by the professional IDF….I hope they were shaking in their boots. But, unfortunately they probably knew Israel wouldn’t punish them in any way. They wouldn’t dare show up in Syria…too chicken shit!

  3. Anders Ljungberg says:

    idf probably lying., which they usually do
    and Palestinians need some help they do not have money for food. their house is cold unemployment is over 50% and it is absolutely because of israel
    and the boat was 3 mil outside of Israeli territory

    • Sorry, I have no sympathies for any group who’s main culture is consumed in their wishes to kill Jews when not demonizing Jews to their children.

      Their houses wouldn’t be so cold (AS THE GAZANS KNOW) if the Hamas gov’t would only PAY for their fuel instead of smuggling stolen fuel from Egypt…..which is why Cairo is closing down the tunnels btw.

      The reason the UN accepted the blockade as legal is because the Hamas gov’t imports rockets to shoot at CIVILIAN TARGETS. (again the sole culture in Gaza). When the murdering of innocent civilians end, there will be no reason for a blockade. ANYONE CAN FIGURE THAT ONE OUT!

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