IDF strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire

Army says two arms caches bombed in response to rocket fire; Palestinians report two injuries. Hamas evacuating military facilities


Air Force jets attacked targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the recent firing of rockets at Israel. Palestinian sources noted that Hamas was evacuating all of its military and security facilities fearing additional strikes.

Archive photo Photo: AFP

Archive photo Photo: AFP

It was initially reported that an attack on a base in northern Gaza city killed one person and injured two, but Gaza’s emergency services spokesman denied any fatalities and reported that two Palestinians sustained moderate and serious injuries.

Palestinians searched for survivors under the rubble. One of the strikes hit a hen house but there were no injuries.

The IDF confirmed that IAF jets had attacked two arms caches in the northern and southern Strip. Direct hits were carried out. “The attack was in response to the firing of high trajectory weapons at Israel,” the IDF statement said.

On Monday, a Qassam rocket hit a field near Sdetot. No injuries were reported but a small fire had broken out. On Sunday night, the IAF bombed a terror tunnel and arms factory in the northern Strip.


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By Elior Levy
Yoav Zitun contributed to this report