Incititeful & corrupt Mahmoud Abbas to resign, opening possibility for peace


The 80 yr-old dictator whose term ended in January ’09, and who has amassed a personal fortune for himself & family as a corrupt leader, notified Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi of his decision to resign within 2 months time.
– 10 additional PLO members to resign.

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President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian authority has requested members of his Fatah party to choose three candidates to be his replacement Israeli news site The Times of Israel reported Monday.

According to Hamas linked newspaper al-Resalah, a source from Fatah said that 80-year-old Abbas intends to announce his resignation soon as leader of the party, which controls the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Palestinian President Abbas makes rude gesture during news conference with Malta's Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi July 16, 2008. - Photo: Xinhua/Reuters

Palestinian President Abbas makes gesture during news conference with Malta’s Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi July 16, 2008. – Photo: Xinhua/Reuters

They continued to say that additional Fatah party members are trying to dissuade Abbas from tendering his resignation.

Last Monday a “crucial” meeting was called in Ramallah, summoning members of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council to discuss new candidates for the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) next Executive Committee said al-Resalah.

According to The Times of Israel, Abbas along with ten other PLO members last Saturday gave the Executive committee notice of their resignation, in a move they say was designed to pave the way for a new Palestinian congress.


Rumors of Abbas’s intent to resign have been circulating in recent months.

In early August, The Times of Israel reported that Abbas had notified Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi of his descision to resign within two months time.

Though Abbas’ term officially concluded in January 2009, he has been serving as PA president since January 2005.

Presidential and parliamentary elections in the Palestinian territories have been put on hold since January of 2006 due to political conflict between the rival movements of Fatah and Hamas.

The PLO’s legislative body is scheduled to assemble on September 14 to elect a new 18-member Executive Committee said The Times of Israel.

Three Fatah members are allocated positions on the Executive Committee. Those three members currently consist of Abbas, chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, and Tunis-based veteran Farouq Qaddumi.

Palestinian news website Donia al-Watan interviewed a source within Fatah who said that Abbas does not intend to run and neither will Qaddumi.

Abbas is preparing to deliver “an important speech” on Tuesday reported Donia al-Watan.

The legislative body of the PLO, also known as The Palestinian National Council (PNC) is comprised of 740 members living both in the Palestinian territories and the diaspora and has not convened since 1996.

Hamas declared that it would not attend the upcoming PNC meeting in September said The Times of Israel.

London-based daily al-Quds al-Arabi spoke with movement leader Hassan Youssef who said that Hamas members of parliament have not received invitations from the PNC chairman.

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“This indicates a revolt against Palestinian legitimacy represented by Hamas, which holds the highest number of seats in the Legislative Council,” Youssef said in his interview with al-Quds al-Arabi.

Youssef said that the PNC meeting is “not the appropriate place to discuss the Palestinian issue,” and should representatives of Hamas be invited to the gathering in Ramallah, they would decline to attend.

The Hamas organization is not currently a member of the PLO.


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