Interview: Trump believes Israel must decide its own future

view videoMarc Zell, the head of ‘Republicans in Israel’ condemns President Obama’s ‘smoke and mirrors’ dealings with Netanyahu, saying Trump will finally move U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

By Eliran Aharon


Following the vice presidential debate this Tuesday and days before the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Republicans in Israel chief Marc Zell spoke with Arutz Sheva regarding the upcoming election and its impact on the State of Israel.

Despite initial misgivings over Trump’s candidacy during the primary, Zell – who had previously backed Florida Senator Marco Rubio – says he’s come to respect the Republican nominee’s leadership skill and intuitive understanding of the American public.

“I think he’s the candidate of the hour,” said Zell. “He has an uncanny ability to identify issues that are pertinent and important to the public. Even though he may not know all the answers at first, he knows how to get the answers. He knows how to pick the people and form the teams that are necessary in order to solve these problems. That I did not know about him at the start of this campaign.”

Zell downplayed Trump’s recent decline in the polls, arguing that he had tapped into a strong political current ignored by much of the mainstream.

“He has a way of using words that may not be all that eloquent. But as I said, he put his finger on the issue. Americans are concerned about immigration. They’re concerned about it for a lot of reasons. They’re concerned about it because 11 million people came into the United States illegally. That’s unprecedented. The current president and candidate Clinton want to turn these people overnight into citizens.”


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