Iranian Families of the assassinated nuclear scientists to sue U.S., U.K. & Israel.

At press conference in Tehran, the Father of 1 of the scientists reported that they  demanded Iran’s judiciary to pursue their complaints through int’l bodies & bring those behind the murders to justice.


Families of Iran’s slain nuclear scientists have filed a lawsuit against Israel, the U.S. and Britain accusing them of involvement in the assassination of their loved ones.

Iran’s Natanz reactor

Iran’s Natanz reactor. – Photo by AP

Rahim Ahmadi Roshan, the father of one of the scientists, told a press conference in Tehran Wednesday that the families have demanded Iran’s judiciary to pursue their complaint through international bodies and bring those behind the murders to justice.

Iran’s state television broadcast purported confessions earlier this month by 14 suspects in connection with the killing of five nuclear scientists since 2010.

Iran says the attacks are part of a covert campaign by Israel and the West to sabotage its nuclear program, which the U.S. and its allies suspect is aimed
at producing nuclear weapons. Iran denies that.

Iran has blamed Israel, U.S. and Britain for the assassinations. The U.S. and Britain have denied involvement in the slayings. Israel has not commented.

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