Iranian General killed in Lebanon

Iranian news website reports the death of a General of the Revolutionary Guard, by ‘mercenaries of the Zionist regime’

By the Associated Press


An Iranian independent news website is reporting that a senior commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard has been killed in Lebanon.

Revolutionary GuardsThe website,, says General Hassan Shateri was killed by “mercenaries of the Zionist regime,” but provided no details about his death.

Shateri led Guard forces in Lebanon and oversaw Iranian-financed reconstruction projects there.

Iran is a close ally of Syria and the militant group called Hezbollah, which is a powerful player in Lebanon. Tehran provides political and military support to both.

General Ghasem Soleimani, the head of the Guard’s Quds Force, visited Shateri’s family to express his condolences.

The Quds Force oversees external operations of the Guard throughout the world.

Shateri’s funeral will be held on Thursday.


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