Iranian media reports Saudi intel chief met with Israeli officials in Geneva



Iranian news agency cites reports that Israeli government officials met with the director general of Saudi Intelligence Agency in order to discuss:

1. containing Iran by any possible means
2. exercising stronger control over Syria’s Jihadist forces
3. sidelining Muslim Brotherhood

By Ynet

Director General of Saudi Intelligence Agency Bandar bin Sultan met several times with Israeli officials in Geneva, Iranian news agency Fars reported.

Secret talks? Israeli PM Netanyahu, Saudi King Abdullah (Photos: EPA, AP)

Secret talks? Israeli PM Netanyahu, Saudi King Abdullah – Photos: EPA, AP

The report is based on a Saudi Twitter account that is “well connected with the inner circles of the Saudi secret service”. According to the tweet, the sides have agreed on a number of crucial issues, including “containing Iran by any possible means, exercising stronger control over Syria’s Jihadist forces, sidelining Muslim Brotherhood and stopping the waves of the Arab spring.”

Last month, it was reported that Israel and the Gulf Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia are increasingly finding common ground – and a common political language – regarding both nations’ dismay over Iran’s history-making overtures to Washington and the nuclear talks in Geneva.

“The adage about ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is playing out over Iran,” said Theodore Karasik, a security and political affairs analyst at the Dubai-based Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis. “This situation opens up some interesting possibilities as it all shakes out.”

Saudi Arabia, which generally sets the political tone for the rest of Gulf, also sees Iran as a dangerous neighbor. The Sunni-ruled Gulf states routinely assail Shiite power Iran for allegedly backing revolts such as Bahrain’s Arab Spring-inspired uprising or supporting coup plots – although no clear evidence has ever been made public.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf partners are deep-pocket customers of US weapons and aircraft, but also allow the Pentagon extensive footholds in the region, including the headquarters of the Navy’s 5th Fleet in Bahrain. The arrangement is meant to buy protection from Washington and intimidate Iran.


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