Islamic Representatives at UN Say Israel Has No Moral Right to Self-Defense Against Hamas

Muslim representatives at UN Human Rights Council protested Israel’s actions in Gaza this summer, saying it can not be called self-defense.

By Israel Today Staff


Representatives of Muslim states participating in a session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week called into question Israel’s right to militarily defend itself against Palestinian terrorism.

IDF 155m”m self-propelled Howitzer artillery piece. – courtesy

The representative from Pakistan insisted that it was “morally abhorrent” and “legally incorrect” to label Israel’s actions in Gaza this summer as self-defense. The United Arab Emirates agreed, and asserted that as an occupying power, Israel had no right to use military force in self-defense.

In total, 30 nations used the session to bash Israel over Operation Protective Edge. Among them were Venezuela, Ireland, China and the aforementioned Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

Israel and a number of leading Western powers already consider the UN Human Rights Council to be untrustworthy and hypocritical, and pay its statements little heed.

In addition to being filled with nations boasting abysmal human rights records, the council is dominated by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which ensures that every session is disproportionately focused on Israel, while all but ignoring the human rights abuses of other nations, in particular the Palestinian Authority.


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