IsraAID sets up field hospital in Ecuador as quake reaps 646 fatalities

In the Ecuadorian village of Canoa, IsraAID sets up field hospital focusing on emergency medical treatment, as the death toll from last week’s earthquake rises.

By i24news


Nearly 650 people are now known to have died in the strong earthquake that hit Ecuador one week ago, President Rafael Correa said Saturday, as the toll jumped yet higher.

IsraelAID sets up field hospital in Ecuador – Photo: IsraAID

Last Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude quake was the worst to strike the South American country in decades, causing buildings to collapse and damaging roads and other infrastructure in tourist areas along Ecuador’s coast.

Strong aftershocks have rattled the country daily since and the number of dead is expected to rise further with another 130 people still missing.

A volunteer from the Israeli disaster relief group IsraAID helps set up a field hospital in the village of Canoa, Ecuador – Photo: IsraAID

“We have 646 dead, 12,492 wounded and 26,091 people in shelters,” Correa said, adding that more than 100 people had been plucked alive from deep rubble and rescue work is ongoing, even though hopes of finding more survivors are fast evaporating.

The previous death toll stood at 602.

Correa announced a series of drastic economic measures in an address to the nation Wednesday aimed at paying for what he estimates will be the $3 billion cost of rebuilding the shattered country.

IsraAID volunteers in Canoa, Ecuador, check medical supplies – Photo: IsraAid

Meanwhile, the Israeli disaster relief group IsraAID set up a field hospital in the village of Canoa, focusing on immediate care, the group said in a statement.

The team arrived in the country several days ago, and used private planes to reach the affected region, since much of the land infrastructure in the area has been destroyed, the group said.


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