Israel Police: Arab Arrested for the Murder of Teenager, Shelly Dadon

38 yr-old Arab taxi driver confesses & reconstructs the act to his murder of Afula teenager ‘for nationalistic reasons’.

By Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer


The murder of Afula teenager Shelly Dadon has been solved, police announced Sunday.

Shelly Dadon

Shelly Dadon (ז”ל) – Photo Courtesy of the Dadon Family

Police and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) have arrested a taxi driver, 38, from the Arab town of Shefar’am, on suspicion that he carried out the murder for “nationalistic” reasons.

The suspect, named as Hassin Yousef Hassin Khalifah, admitted under police interrogation to committing the murder, and even reconstructed the crime for police.

Dadon’s body was found with multiple stab wounds; police believe Khalifah drove Dadon to a job interview on the day of the murder.

She left her home to Migdal Ha’emek on May 1 for what she thought was a job interview. A few hours later, her body was found in a parking lot in Migdal Ha’emek.

Three weeks ago it was reported that there have been “certain developments” in the investigation, adding that the revelations may possibly lead police to solving the case soon.

Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich announced “dramatic developments” in the investigation on Memorial Day, just days after the murder, when he met with Dadon’s family.

Aharonovich reversed his statement that the murder was soon to be explained mere days later, when he said her murder might not be nationalistically motivated.

News of the dramatic breakthrough comes on the same day as police announced arrests of several Jewish extremists in the murder of Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khder.


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  1. James Nurbis says:

    Jam Jar, I’m not sure that you understand what a lie is.
    Yes, the Israeli police did confirm that there are few arrests for that murder that you spoke of – but that doesn’t mean a thing about the murder that this article talks about – the murder (and according to rumors I’ve heard, a possible rape) of Shelly Dadon.

    Lying is saying “No missiles from Gaza are targeted on civilian population”, or “Hamas doesn’t have the inhalation of Israel and all Jews on the 1st item of its agenda”, or saying “Jam Jar have a degree from University of St Andrews”. Those are lies.

    Please, Don’t be an idiot.

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