Israel Security Nab 3 Palestinian terrorists with Bomb on major West Bank highway

3 Palestinians driving with an explosive devise, heading towards Israel, was intercepted by Defense Ministry security guards at a checkpoint on Route 5.


Defense Ministry security guards stopped a Palestinian car with two passengers carrying a bomb they believe was meant for a terror attack inside Israel, Judea and Samaria police said Thursday afternoon.

Israel Police Sapper neutralizes explosive devise - Screenshot

The white four-door hatchback with Palestinian plates was stopped at the Oranit checkpoint on highway 5 northeast of Tel Aviv after it “drew the suspicion of security guards” according to police. Inside the car, the Defense Ministry said their security guards found a gas canister hooked up with electric wires which they say they believe was an explosive device.

The driver and passenger were taken from the car and arrested, and a bomb sapper robot was sent to dismantle the device.

After the incident, traffic on highway 5 near the scene was stopped in both directions, causing major gridlock.

The Defense Ministry said the driver admitted to planning a bombing and that both suspects are now in custody of police.


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