Israel signs agriculture cooperation agreement with Nigeria


Israel’s Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir & his Nigerian counterpart signed an agreement to focus on bolstering Nigeria’s crop quality, strengthen professionalism & increase water efficiency.



Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir and his Nigerian counterpart Dr. Akinwumi Adesina signed on Friday a joint declaration toward increasing agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

Israel Nigeria

Israeli and Nigerian ministers sign agreement. – Photo: AMNON LIEBERMAN

The ministers signed the agreement, which will focus on bolstering food security, in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja that day. As part of the agreement, Israel will help Nigerians expand the amount of land they cultivate, increase their water sector efficiency, improve crop quality and strengthen professionalism of those engaged in agriculture, according to Shamir’s spokesman. Israeli companies, in return, will be able to partake in more agriculture, infrastructure and construction projects in the western African nation.

“Israel and Nigeria will increase their strategic cooperation in the agricultural and economic development of Nigeria,” Shamir said.

During his visit to Nigeria, in which Shamir represents Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at events celebrating 100 years since the formation of the Nigerian national, he has also held rounds of meeting with the Nigerian president, foreign minister and water minister.

The Nigerian economy has an annual growth rate of 7.4 percent that can afford Israeli companies the opportunity to conduct business in the economy of the most populated African country, Shamir’s spokesman stressed. In the last year alone, Nigeria invested more than $4 billion in its local agricultural sector, and the country has gained more geopolitical importance due to its seat on the United Nations Security Council, he added.

“The Nigerian government is interested in increasing the involvement of Israeli companies in the fields of agriculture, water, renewable energy, homeland security, telecommunications and IT,” Shamir said.

Following his visit to Nigeria, the minister will also be spending time in Ghana and Ethiopia, his spokesman said.


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