Israel suspected of airstrikes on Iranian militia near Iraq-Syria border

Arab media outlets reports “Unidentified warplanes” struck installations belonging to the Popular Mobilization Unit, an Iranian proxy Shiite militia in the Al Bukamal region of eastern Syria early this morning; one Iraqi news channel accuses Israel of being behind the attacks.

By i24NEWS, Israel Hayom Staff


“Unidentified warplanes” struck Shiite militia targets in the Al Bukamal region of eastern Syria early Tuesday morning, Arab media outlets reported.

According to the reports, the airstrikes were carried out near the Iraqi border and targeted the Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Units.

One Iraqi news channel pointed to Israel as the perpetrator of one of the attacks.

Israel suspected of airstrikes on Iranian militia in the Al Bukamal region near Iraq-Syria border – Google Maps/IsraelandStuff

The purported strikes are the latest in a mysterious spate of attacks attributed to Israel against Iran-backed bases in Syria and Iraq.

Earlier this month, 18 pro-Iran fighters were said to have been killed in an overnight airstrike on the Syrian side of the border.

Most of the explosions have targeted installations belonging to the Popular Mobilization Units.

A screenshot from video footage of a previous airstrike in Syria. – Israel Hayom

Israel has been accused of conducting an attack last month also on a weapons depot belonging to an Iranian-backed militant group in the Saqr military base located in southern Baghdad. The Jewish state has not commented on the strike.

The attacks come amid rising tensions in the Middle East and the crisis between Iran and the US in the wake of the collapsing nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers and a recent airstrike on Saudi oil plants that the US has blamed on Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month that Iran has no immunity anywhere and that the Israeli military forces “will act – and currently are acting – against them.”

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