Israeli authorities assist in 300 kg of cocaine bust in Sao Paulo


The Brazilian press reports a local man & Israeli, suspected of being part of a drug smuggling network, were arrested in São Paulo with the aid of Israeli authorities.

By Itamar Eichner & Tomer Ganor


Brazil’s GloboNews reported on Friday that the country’s federal police has arrested two men—one Brazilian and one Israeli—in São Paulo. The two reportedly had 300 kilograms of cocaine in their possession at the time of their arrest, and are suspected of belonging to a drug smuggling network.

The alleged drugs confiscated in Sao Paulo. – Ynet screenshot of GloboNews report

According to GloboNews, the arrest was performed in cooperation with the local Israeli consulate. The Israeli consulate and embassy in Brasilia have neither confirmed nor denied this claim.

The Israel Police has confirmed that, during an operation conducted by Brazilian authorities, an Israeli suspect has been arrested and hundreds of kilos of material that is suspected to be drugs have been seized.

“The topic is, at this point, being handled by the authorities in Brazil, and is being examined in the course of cooperation between the police departments and enforcement authorities in Israel and abroad,” an Israeli police official said.


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