“Hateful terrorists are trying to hurt our people,” Netanyahu said, praising security forces for their bravery in combating the attacks.

Israel has always known how to push back the terrorists and build the country and “we will defeat them this time as well,” Netanyahu said.

He said that the terror was not organized, but nonetheless came as the result of a campaign of incitement by Hamas, the Islamic Movement in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and countries in the region, particularly lies about Israel seeking to change the status quo at the Temple Mount, a flashpoint for violence during the recent tensions.

Netanyahu said that Israel had already taken steps to root out the terror, including destroying terrorists homes and increasing penalties for stone-throwers.

“We will take aggressive steps against the Islamic Movement in Israel and other inciters,” he added.

“We will prove that the terror won’t win and we will defeat it,” he vowed.

He said that Israel’s defensive leadership was doing everything to bring security back to Israel’s citizens.

In an answer to a question from a reporter about the government cooperating with the opposition, Netanyahu called upon Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog to join the coalition.

Due to the wave of violence Netanyahu said he wanted a wider government and unity in the nation.