Israeli population approaches 8 million in 2013

Israel has more than 6 million Jews and 1.6 million Arab citizens

A record 170,000 babies were born in Israel in 2012

Jerusalem is Israel’s most populated city, with 804,400 residents

By Zeev Klein



Pop open the champagne corks. The Israeli population totals 7,981,000 citizens.

This past year also saw the most babies born in Israel’s history: about 170,000 according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, which released these numbers to coincide with the secular New Year.

About 170,000 babies were born in Israel over the past year. – illustrative Photo: Shuki Yosef

The number of people who died in 2012 was 41,938. Overall, the population of Israel grew by 1.9 percent in 2012 — an increase of 145,000 people.

About 75.4% of the population of Israel are Jews, a little over 6 million people. About 320,000 Israeli citizens are people who made aliyah at some point under the Law of Return but are not registered with the Interior Ministry as Jews. Most of these are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. 20.6% of the country’s population are Arabs, about 1.6 million people.

About one-tenth of the country’s population lives in Jerusalem, a total of 804,400 people, making Jerusalem Israel’s most populous city. Tel Aviv has a population of 404,400 people. Haifa is in third place with 270,300 people. Rishon Letzion has surpassed Ashdod and Beersheba, and is now in fourth place with 232,400 people.

Israel’s fifth largest city is Ashdod with 212,300 people. Petach Tikva’s population has grown rapidly in recent years and has ascended to sixth place with 210,400 people.

The population of Israel has increased tenfold since the establishment of the state. According to forecasts, by the year 2030, the population of the State of Israel will be between 9.6 million and 10.6 million people, including 7.2 million Jews and 2.4 million Arabs.

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