Israeli scientists produce plastic just as strong as steel.

Israeli scientists are developing a super-strength polypropylene, a plastic that the world will most widely use to replace steel and other materials used in pipes and machinery.

by Sarah Weiss


Moshe Kol, a professor of chemistry at Tel Aviv University or TAU, which is behind the project, said this could have a lasting impact on many industries including automobile manufacturing, in which plastic parts can replace the metal parts of cars.

Israeli made new plastic pipe as strong as steel.

Israeli made new plastic pipe as strong as steel.

Durable plastics consume less energy during the production process. And there are additional benefits. If parts of polypropylene replaced traditional steel parts in cars, cars in general would be lighter and consume less fuel, for example, Kol was quoted in the news media.

And because the material is cheap, the plastic may offer an alternative manufacturing method that is much more affordable. Despite a promising field of research, biodegradable plastics have not been able to mimic the durability and endurance of the common non-biodegradable plastics such as polypropylene, according to a university.

Kol and his team have developed a new catalyst for polypropylene production process, ultimately creating a stronger version of the plastic, reaching a higher melting point so far.

Beyond car parts, Kol provides a range of uses of plastics and other related products, including water pipes, which will ultimately could conserve water use.

“Plastic pipes require fewer raw materials, weighing ten times less than steel and one hundred times less than cement. Leakage reduction means more efficient water use and improved water quality,” said Kol.


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