Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Consider Weekly Protection Prayers for Palestinian Collaborators


Jewish lobby group requests “righteous Arabs” be mentioned in weekly prayers for blessing & protection along with Israel’s security forces.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel’s Chief Rabbinate is considering a request to add mention of Palestinian “collaborators” to weekly synagogue prayers asking God’s blessing and protection over IDF soldiers.

Palestinians being prepped for execution by Hamas thugs without trail

The request was made by the Lobby for Jewish Values, which argued that ever since Israel’s modern rebirth, righteous Arabs have put their lives on the line to provide vital information in service to the defense of the Jewish state.

During the summer’s Gaza war, Hamas publicly and brutally executed an estimated 20 alleged collaborators.

These collaborators “deserve to be blessed,” wrote the group’s chairman, Ofer Cohen, who added that the Palestinians who risk their lives in this way “have the gratitude of the Jewish people.”

In remarks to Israeli news agency NRG, Cohen explained that “despite that fact we are talking about assistance from Gentiles who might not appreciate the significance of these prayers,” it is important that Israel seriously consider this matter.

Cohen went on to note that the last Gaza war, and the one before that, demonstrated the importance of the assistance provided by these collaborators, who in their own way have forged a “blood bond” with Israel. “They deserve to be recognized for this,” he stated.

At a time when groups like the Islamic State and Hamas are slaughtering even their own people, Cohen said it would send a powerful message for Israel to publicly recognize and bless Palestinian collaborators in the very same prayer said for Israeli soldiers.


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