Israel’s Finance Minister: Unless War Continues, No New Taxes

Finance Minister Lapid said that Operation Protective Edge shouldn’t have an effect on the state budget – hopefully….if it’s short.

By Yosef Berger


In an interview with Channel Ten Monday night, Finance Minister Yair Lapid said that it was unlikely that the costs of Operation Protective Edge would have much of an effect on the state budget – unless the operation continued for much longer.

“We don’t count the bills during wartime, but it does not appear that this operation will have a long-term effect on the economy. We have arranged for money to pay for the operation from within the current budget,” Lapid said.

With that, he added, a longer campaign could have a more negative influence on the economy – and on taxes. “If we do have a long war that will change everything, despite the fact that there is no reason to raise taxes at this time.

“However, the Finance Ministry has not yet seen the final bill for the war,” Lapid added, leaving the door open for possible future budget cuts or tax increases.


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  1. Clea Belcher says:

    Consider this: The people of Israel earn their wages and put them in a bag with holes–war. And the temple of the Almighty lies in ruins. Build the temple that the Almighty may take pleasure in it and be glorified. Return to Him and the glory and the blessings and peace will return. His holy hill will be a place of prayer for all nations.

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