Israel’s right to say ‘no’

Op-ed: State of Israel has right to ban entry of two-faced ‘peace activists’ consumed by hatred

Every host has the right to stand at the door and decided who shall be welcomed and who shall be denied entry.

Activists at Ben Gurion Airport Photo: Reuters

Activists at Ben Gurion Airport Photo: Reuters

When a US embassy official refuses to grant a certain person a visa because he was born in Iran or “has the face of a terrorist” in his passport photo, that’s apparently fine. Yet when we dare to prevent the entry of the pro-Palestinian fly-in because the passenger list includes kind souls whose official profession is hatred for Jews and for Israel, all the bleeding hearts rise up against us.

What’s the big deal? Aren’t we allowed to close our doors to people who compare us to the Nazi regime? Must we receive our greatest haters politely and lovingly?

The Israelis have nothing to fear; I don’t see how women ,children and wheelchair-bound elderly could endanger them, said one activist, Olivia Zemor, prompting me to pull my ear to make sure I’m not hallucinating.

Who’s the famed magician who with one gesture turned the so-called “peace fighters,” whose oxygen is hate for Israel, into an innocent bunch of babies in diapers and Alzheimer-ridden old folks who merely wish to realize their dream of singing in the streets and handing out candy to passersby?


The Syria option

The phony self-righteousness they displayed before hitting the road, so that they would be granted entry visas, attested to the poison they wished to spread. Indeed, “women, children and the disabled” do not threaten our wellbeing, but we do have the right to take pre-emptive action and block the entry of two-faced activists who have no qualms about stating that Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in order to justify the mass killing of Palestinians.

We have the right to wave a No Entry sign in the face of those who hold a deep desire to see the life of a Gaza child but have no interest in hearing or reading about the children of Sderot.

We are not really asking you to love us or even to justify us; we only want you to look at both sides of the coin. Is that too much? Does it make no sense?

It’s a pity that several airlines cancelled the flights of activists for financial reasons, so that they don’t have to fly them back at their own expense. It would have been better to bring these activists to the Middle East after all, a little north of Israel, to Syria. They can fight for love and peace there.


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By Smadar Shir