Israel’s Taglit-Birthright launches greatest season in its history

Around 33,000 Jewish youngsters from over 30 countries are expected to visit Israel this summer, with 131 groups expected to arrive this week.
• Birthright CEO Gidi Mark, “This summer we will celebrate 600,000 participants.”

By Yori Yalon


The Taglit-Birthright Israel program is launching the largest season in its history, with 33,000 Jewish youngsters from 33 countries expected to visit Israel this summer.

20 year old Birthright students visit a border outpost to meet Israelis their age – Photo: IsraelandStuff PP

The program offers free 10-day trips to Israel in an effort to strengthen the connection between young Diaspora Jews and Israel.

The organization is kick-starting the summer with 131 groups expected to land in Israel this week.

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Additionally, the Taglit Plus program will be unveiled this season, giving participants the opportunity to continue touring Israel for a further four to five days after the end of the 10-day trip, and to choose enrichment programs from various fields of interest.

“This summer we will celebrate 600,000 participants,” said Birthright Israel International CEO Gidi Mark. “We are proud to mark this benchmark, which represents, beyond the number, the change in which Jewish youth in the Diaspora sees Israel and Jewish identity.”


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