Jane’s Crusade – A Danish Christian One-Woman Campaign For Israel

Jane Kiel, a 42 yr-old Christian Dane has made it her life’s work to prove to the world that Israel is not the bad guy, saying, “I truly love your country. You deserve to live here in peace….If I have to shout it for the world to hear, I will.”

By Bat-Chen Epstein Elias


Last October, Jane Kiel, a 42-year-old single, Christian Danish woman, moved to a Palestinian town near Jerusalem. She stayed with a friend there for five weeks, looking to soak in the aroma, the colors, the sounds and the commotion and “to pray in the Palestinian city for a unified Israel.”

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  1. Francois says:

    Excellent article. Jane’s experience makes some very important points. Everyone who visits Israel with open eyes and ears sees the good, the bad and the ugly. There are those who love Israel and those who do not. The scriptures come alive for those who see. There is great strength when Jew and Christian, Jew and Gentile walk together. The joy of their God is their strength. Jane is one of many who greatly desire that the anger and violence cease, especially on the Temple Mount. It is no place for prejudice and intimidation. Yes, we can pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for Israel, and for all who stand up for Israel.

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