Jerusalem hospital shows off vaccine that destroys cancer in 2 shots.

Early human test results suggest a vaccine can train cancer patients’ bodies to seek out and destroy tumour cells.

The therapy, which targets a molecule found in 90 per cent of cancers, eventually could provide an injection that would allow patients’ immune systems to fight off common cancers including breast and prostate cancer.

The first results of trials in people, at the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem, suggest the vaccine can reduce levels of disease. The human work is so preliminary it has yet to be published in a scientific journal.The scientists behind the vaccine hope to conduct more extensive trials to prove it can be effective

against a range of cancers. They believe it could be used to fight small tumours if they are detected early or to help prevent the return and spread of disease in patients who have undergone conventional treatment.

In the safety trial at Hadassah, 10 patients with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, received the vaccine. Seven have finished the treatment and the developer, drug company Vaxil Biotherapeutics, reported all had greater immunity against cancer cells compared with before they were given the vaccine. Vaxil added that three patients were free of detectable cancer following the treatment.

Cancer cells usually evade a patient’s immune system because they are not recognized as a threat. While the immune system usually attacks foreign cells such as bacteria, tumours are formed of the patient’s own cells that have malfunctioned.

Scientists have discovered that a molecule called MUC1, which is found on the surface of cancer cells, can be used to help the immune sys-tem detect tumours. The new vaccine, ImMucin, developed by Vaxil and researchers at Tel Aviv University, uses a section of the molecule to prime the immune system so it can identify and thus destroy cancer cells.

Vaxil suggested that if large-scale trials prove as successful, the vaccine could be available within six years. Initial research on the vaccine, in mice, was published in the journal Vaccine, and suggested the treatment induced “potent” immunity in mice and increased their survival from cancer.
Cancer charities gave the vaccine a cautious welcome. Dr. Kat Arney, at Cancer Research UK, said: “These are very early results that are yet to be fully published, so there’s a lot more work to be done to prove that this particular vaccine is safe and effective in cancer patients.”


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  1. terrie bullock says:

    Don’t make people who are dying wait for this

    • As in any new chemical treatment that’s to be dispersed for use, trials must be adhered too to guarantee it doesn’t kill you faster. Dispensing without guarantees, is too foolish to comprehend.

    • Rita Arnold says:

      I think if there is people willing to be in the drug trials.Especially the ones with nothong to loose.

      • Sometime a person may be past ‘the point of no return’. His admission into trails may register as if the treatment is worthless. If many similar conclusions were the results of the trials, think what a loss such treatment could have offered ‘others’ if only taken sooner.

        Let’s let those with more understanding into the parameters of what’s required, to proceed as swiftly and efficiently as possible, without our layman’s opinions slowing down the process.

        • Renee Covert says:

          If you weren’t interested in “layman’s” opinions then why would you break the story to the public via “newspaper” instead of publishing it first in a medical journal where it would be scrutinized by medical professsionals and peers. Of course many “layman” will comment on a news article offering promise of a cancer cure since many of “us” have lost loved ones too early to cancer and it’s many ugly forms. Many of “us” laymen also give personal time and money to causes supporting the cure of cancer. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer. I have every right to post comments on any article about cancer since I witnessed it steal my mom away while she was yet young and living wisely and an extremely healthy lifestyle. Best wishes and Godspeed to those working to find a cure!

          • I believe you misunderstood my intentions.

            1) If I wasn’t “interested in “layman’s” opinions” I would disable this option.

            2)”why would you break the story to the public”? …To inform. That in a few years, there WILL BE a cure to some more cancers.

            3) This information is NOT MINE for “publishing it first in a medical journal”

            4) Your comment: “I have every right to post comments on any article about cancer” …With all due respect, I don’t believe that is true….not in the United States, and for sure not here. Your comment can easily (and legally) be kept from being published here. You, and all others, have no privileges of guaranteed publication.

            I am sorry for your loss and also wish Godspeed to those working to find a cure!

          • Brian Dani says:

            Renee, I would welcome any and all advances in the fight against this scourge. While I was there thru the entire process of chemo, radiation, diet change, etc., my wife never lost faith, never complained, and only near the end of the battle did she embrace what was ahead of her. One of her comments was something like even if this does not help me, it could help others in the future. This was who she was, and this is what these people are doing also. I pray that this is one of many answers ahead.

    • ShiningStar says:

      A cure has already been found, but the drug companies aren’t interested in making it available because there is no money in it for them. Go to your doctor and ask for it.

    • secapps says:

      I agree with you. Stand up to Cancer just said they raised many millions in pledges. So, I would think that is plenty of money to get something done if that is what they really want to do. Yes, people just sit around dying while waiting for something to help with cancer. If this is really something that can work, bring it to the US and use this money to get some trials or research going.

  2. Shelley Green says:

    Why six years??? How long after the six years for the American FDA take to approve the vaccine?? Why can’t large scale programs begin, with careful controls, with one group getting the vaccine and another a
    placebo??? People with cancer can NOT always wait 6 or more years.
    This means those people who in six or eight years develop cancer will get treated, maybe. A very sad truth to medicine. Aside from knowing many people who have died from cancer, I know three friends with cancer.
    One had the conventional treatment and both breasts removed. Maybe in remission. One receiving chemo and radiation program now. And one who was in remission for 5 or so years and it returned again in her spine and found out it returned two years.
    She has refused treatment again because she feels she has little chance of surviving. She says she just can’t go through chemo and radiation again.
    I’m sure many people have similar stories or personal experience of this horrible disease.

  3. John Zaffino says:

    Wow.. if this is true, what a medical breakthrough. i heard similar stories before, and they never panned out. Let’s hope that this one does, and that it doesn’t cost more than a person could afford.

  4. jan jost says:


  5. Candice says:

    I think it’s wonderful news! God bless the researchers with wisdom & open doors!

  6. joe says:

    iIt will never get to the market the bis pharms will shut it down because they will lose money period it sad but true.

    • Joe, That may be true in the US & a few other countries….but, it will NEVER be true in Israel. Once a known, accepted cure is out for public use, it can be challenged in US courts. It may take time there…but, I wouldn’t use the word ‘never’. Maybe ‘take a decade’….

      • Niamh Walsh says:

        Accepted by who? There are a few chemicals and plants that have a lot of research and empirical evidence to show their positive effects on cancer. DCT for one was used in the early part of last century to great effect, but its not ‘accepted’ by the FDA or the European equivalent. Just what do you mean you say ‘accepted’?

        • Israel has it’s own version of your FDA. But, here in Israel, social medicine is the national policy which means it’s in the gov’t’s interest to allow life saving drugs once proper trials have been completed. Your American Insurance companies have no say about Israeli medical decisions. And BTW, one of the world’s largest generic drug companies is called Teva…an Israeli concern.

          Teva can’t wait to be allowed to produce such a drug…..even if it’s NOT in the American insurance companies’ interest.

  7. Rusik says:

    1.very happy for the light at the end of a tunnel. 2. All of us getting what we deserve (nobody can change the law of Karma). 3. When you die, you die. 6 years earlier or 6 years later it’s nothing withing cosmic “time frame” it could be a n hour out there. 4. As commented above if doctors start using this drug on peple who have nothing to loose and will not have a right results it will kill furture development of this drug. 5. FDA sucks but we need it, need to find ways to limit their power though. 6. Follow simple rule: do not be angry at someone, forgive that someone from your heart, do not keep anger or jelocy in your heart even a minute and you will never get cancer( unless you brought it from previous life) 7. Love is the answer.

  8. Sheila Rinde says:

    Nissim of G-d releasing Healing information as in the time of Shlomo Ha-Melech and Kind Hezchiyahu. We need to be extremely grateful, attentive and Praise G-d openly.

  9. Bill Norr says:

    All great news, of course. What happens to the patients whose immune systems go awry and they attack the person’s own cells? Have you seen the agony of this? What are the risks? A patient’s immune system is the only reliable way to eliminate the cancer or cause good to high resistance for occurrence.

  10. joy says:

    Inspiring post. Thank you : ) Hopefully funding allows for the research to proceed quickly.

    • hello says:

      the bad thing is it will probably be never released as dying keeps the pharma companies in the green.

      • NOT TRUE in Israel. Here there’s socialized medicine. It’s in the gov’t’s interest to keep you alive so 1) they don’t have spend a fortune in treatments before you die (G-d forbid!)
        2) The sooner you’re healthy, the sooner you pay taxes….to pay for the socialized medicine.

  11. Ethel K White says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! We need this in America, one nation under GOD. God Bless you!!! Shalom!!!!’

  12. hello says:

    there are trolls everywhere, hope this all works out for the better as for ms. religion above me, if god were actually there, why would it would give us cancer? sorry but a god should be benevolent not malevolent.

  13. Carol Lucas says:

    I hope Israelis situation is better than the US FDA/AMA etc. I for one am presently on Hospice with metaticized bone cancer and have studied extensively and know how big PHARMA works. They don’t want a cure and try to destroy anyone who has a proven track record of cures. I presently am doing an exploratory cancer vaccine program from another country and know several people who have been totally cured by this program. I am willing to give my life to help further this cure for others, but I actually am now making great progress in my own health and feel I may be recovering. However, the above agencies plus UCLA/ and Cedars of Mt Sinai have dirty hands and have been trying to KILL the Dr who is trying to help his patients. He is a true Hero but is being hunted . I have personal proof of this– I hope you have heroes and honorable people in Israel and other countries who truly want to help and heal and don’t just operate for greed. I am afraid there are not many heroes left in this world–Please prove me wrong!

  14. Dawn says:

    I am encouraged by this article. Whether “America” will allow this or not…where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a cure out there, then there will be a way for those who need it to get it. Having to wait it out is the hard part.

  15. Gbenga Joshua O says:

    Pls do all you could to bring this to the market. Peaple are passing to the grave beyond every day through cancer.

  16. Gbenga Joshua O says:

    Thank God for this discovery, africans we be the greatest beneficiaries.

  17. Oluwafemi Gbenga says:

    Let the authorities in charge consider the benefit of majority that are surfering for this disease & not the selfish ones.

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