Jerusalem increases quota of Turkish laborers in Israel



Turkish-Israeli relations are slowly recovering as Jerusalem fulfills old obligation in deal made prior to Marmara incident.

By Itamar Eichner

Israel is continuing to improve its relations with Turkey, increasing the quota on the number of Turkish foreign workers in the country.

 Turkey-Israel Flags

The social-financial cabinet made a decision recently, which until now has been kept in a low profile, that will raise the number of Turkish foreign workers in the construction industry in Israel to 1,200 from 800.

Turkey also agreed to let Israeli airlines land in Turkey with armed security guards. There has also been progress in settling the policy for compensating victims from the Marmara flotilla.

Yilmazlar International will employ additional workers as part of a reciprocal procurement agreement between Israel Military Industries and the Turkish government.

The increase in the number of construction workers is related to an old agreement between the military company and the Turkish administration to improve 170 Turkish tanks. The agreement obligated Israel to complete the reciprocal procurement agreement. With the increase in workers, Israel does not need to buy Turkish products nor does it need to pay fines to Turkey.


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