Kuwaiti daily reports 2 Israeli F-35i ‘Adir’ jets flew over Iran in March

Two Israeli Air Force F-35i jets reportedly flew undetected over Iran this past March, crossing into Syria, Lebanon and Iraqi airspace along the way, acquiring real-time surveillance intel on sensitive sites believed to be associated with Iran’s ‘nonexistent’ nuclear program.

By Smadar Perry


Israeli stealth planes reached Iran and returned without anyone noticing, Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al-Jarida reported, citing unnamed sources.

According to the report, two IAF F-35 Adir fighter jets entered Iranian airspace last March and conducted reconnaissance flights undetected, crossing Syrian and Iraqi airspace on their way to the Islamic republic.

Israeli F-35i ‘Adir’ was photographed flying over Beirut completely unnoticed. Second IAF aircraft took this photo. – Screenshot: Israel’s TV NEWS

The flyby was intended in preparation for a possible joint Israeli-American attack in Syria, specifically on Iranian outposts, the report said, without confirming whether the operation was undertaken in coordination with the US army.

The two planes—which are considered to be among the most advanced in the world—flew at a high altitude over sites suspected for a long time to be connected to the Iranian nuclear project, the report added, noting they were not detected at any moment by radar systems in any of the countries they flew over, including Russian radar systems stationed in Syria.

Iran has made no announcement that it spotted such action.

Al-Jarida has in the past uncovered a series of security affairs related to Israel, and has even claimed to receive its information directly from the prime minister’s office.

This report came in the wake of Israel’s official admission that it was responsible for the 2007 attack on the nuclear reactor in Syria, as well as against the backdrop of mounting tensions with Iran.


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