Lebanon catches ‘highly-paid spy for Israel’

Al-Manar TV reports that the Lebanese army arrested local man who was paid $600,000 to pass on intel on Hezbollah & the military to his Mossad handler.

By Roi Kais


The Lebanese army has arrested a citizen suspected of collaborating with Israel, the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar TV reported on Monday.

"מתקן ריגול" שחשפה חיזבאללה בעבר (צילום: AFP)

‘Israeli spy site’ found by Hezbollah – Archive photo: AFP

Ali Taufiq Yari, a former member of the Baalbek City Council, was branded as the highest paid spy to date, as he was said to have received $600,000 for his service to the Jewish state.

According to the report, Yari began working with Israel’s Mossad in 1990, and had undergone intelligence training that taught him to use invisible ink, concealed radio devices and other means of communication.

Various reports in Lebanon have claimed that several Israeli spy rings have been uncovered in recent years, including a major one that consisted of dozens of agents. Israeli espionage equipment was also periodically “exposed” in the country.

According to Monday’s report, Yari had visited Israel more than once using a fake Palestinian passport. The alleged spy was also said to have traveled to Europe and Asia to meet with his Israeli handlers.

He purportedly provided Israel with intelligence on Hezbollah hubs and its communication network. He further reported on the Lebanese army and top members in the Shiite Amal movement.

The significant information he managed to pass on to Israeli intelligence officials during the Second Lebanon War prompted the Mossad to hold a ceremony in his honor, the report said.


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