Lebanon objects to IAF jets flying low over their southern skies

Lebanese media is also reporting that Israeli helicopter patrols are observed in the area as well.

Roi Kais

Lebanese media reported Israeli Air Force warplanes were hovering since Sunday noon over southern Lebanon and conducting mock attacks at a low altitude. The report comes one week after Israel allegedly launched a series of airstrikes at military research facilities around Damascus from Lebanese territory.

 F-16i Sufa

According to the report by Lebanese news channel Al-Nashra, four F-16 jets circled low over the Lebanon-controlled territories of the Hermon Mountain, the towns of Marjeyoun and Khiam in southern Lebanon, and the western Beqaa Valley of Lebanon. It was also reported that Israeli helicopters flew over the Shebaa Farms and the Golan Heights, and that IDF patrols were also observed in the border area.

A Western intelligence source said last week that the alleged Israeli strike against several critical military facilities targeted Iranian-supplied missiles to Hezbollah.

Earlier on Sunday Syria‘s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has rejected Turkey’s allegations that his country was behind two car bombs that killed 43 people in Turkey and wounded dozens more. The minister told a news conference Sunday that “no one has the right to make false accusations.”


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